The Art of Perspective


This is the place to get support for your unique point of view. Whether you are a thought leader, visionary toward life, managing good for yourself and those around you, or a creative solopreneur, we build around the source of originality.

Inspiration is not only in what we can accomplish. The power to be the leader of your own life is in "gut knowledge." We act on what we know that we know, and that's private knowledge - a certainty we can't explain

I put words to that knowledge in my book, The Heart's Mind, the phenomenon of "How Unconscious Responses in Life and Work Naturally Improve Our Lives While We Make Other Plans."

The goal of The Heart's Mind and The Art of Perspective is to look into the world that renews the energy and the will to carry out our life mission. We need fuel to act on original ideas; you can get fueled up here.  


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